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Virtual Expo and Events is a platform that helps millions connect in a single virtual space. Our platform ensures you host secure virtual events that are highly interactive, where people come together to learn and be entertained on the web.

Get customized virtual events based on your organizational needs, and you can be sure your audience enjoys the latest in technology. Reflect your brand on the platform and transform your event to monetize with sponsor incorporation.

Virtual Expo Events was developed by a dedicated team at Shining Cloud. Shining Cloud is a pioneer in the field of Augmented and Virtual Reality and an industry standard for Animation and Immersive gaming. Backed by years of experience, Virtual Expo Events can help you host conferences, provide access to exhibitors, speakers and guests with an integrated dashboard. Manage and attend the latest in Virtual events. Book a demo now!

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Real Estate

Effectively worked with global leaders in the digital entertainment business


Successful collaboration with the world’s largest medical companies and events.


With a mission to provide you with the latest in cutting edge technology for automobiles


Worked with world leaders in solutions supporting educational consulting


Receive a customised webpage for your event along with a dedicated admin panel with real time data for organizers


A registration link for attendees would be provided along with a payment gateway to receive all sales.


Video recordings of the conference or the speaker to provide the option of revisit along with live Streaming media.


Conduct live polling, Q&A sessions, provide feedback forms and online surveys.


Visit a variety of stalls and add brochures to your tote bag. At the end of the event, download only those that are relevant.


A registration link for attendees would be provided along with a payment gateway to receive all sales.


Link to distribute E-Certificates for participants who attended the event or conferences.


A thorough run through and testing of all stages before the event to ensure a smooth flow.


With our #1 Virtual Events Platform create customized, AR/VR integrated events to achieve your business goals.


Show your products and attract a global audience from the comfort of your home.

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$ 399.99
  • Information Desk
  • 1 HD Video
  • 1 Networking Slot


$ 599.99
  • Information Desk
  • 2 HD Videos
  • Q & As
  • 1 Interactive Product
  • 2 Networking Slots


$ 799.99
  • Information Desk
  • 4 HD Videos
  • Immersive Gaming
  • 2 Interactive Products
  • 4 Networking Slots


With the latest technology, stand out from your competitors and host a one of a kind Online Virtual Event.


Receive valuable insights of customer engagement. This will be your One-stop Virtual Event Platform to plan, host and analyze your online events.


Virtual Expo Events is an AR/VR company creating virtual platforms for events, conferences and tradeshows. A website would be created for you along with the event platform that consists of a bobby, conference halls, an exhibition hall and a poster room based on the package you choose.

To see the prices and packages, please schedule a demo on the website. One of our executives will get in touch with you to explain the different price points, types of events and what we think would best fit your needs.

A conference is for events that are just a webinar. This involves conference halls where guests may login to view speeches, seminars or workshops. The integration would be done through zoom and the conference hall is what would be available for use. A tradeshow would showcase different companies with their dedicated booths for guests to view. The event will not host any talks or include a conference hall. A virtual event includes both a conference hall for talks, an exhibition hall with booths and a poster room.

After the initial call and a confirmation. The event organizer is onboarded and given login credentials. These can be used by the organizer to upload files and create stalls. Once the website for the event is created, the organizer can go ahead marketing the same to generate ticket sales. Virtual Expo Events will use details from stall owners and create the exhibition hall. Once completed the platform is ready to welcome guests. During the event the organizer may view analytics which will also be provided at the end of the event.

The Event Organizer is in charge of planning the event and providing details to Virtual Events Expo on all things pertaining to the event. The organizer is incharge of uploading required documents and providing necessary information to the stall owners, sponsors and speakers of the event. Stall Owners are those who purchase an exhibition booth from the event organizer. They recieve login credentials to upload the required documents and are required to provide details to Virtual Expo Events for 3D Model requirements/ AR/VR and gaming options. Speakers are individuals invited by the event organizer to conduct seminars in the event. Speakers are to be provided with a zoom link by the organizer. Guests are individuals who purchase tickets to visit and enjoy the event. They create their own login and can use the same website to enter the event.

The Event Organizer will oversee all areas of the event with Virtual Expo Events providing the platform and technical support. On the Event Organizer dashboard, the organizer would be required to create exhibition booths and relay the information to the booth owners as required. They would also need to upload documents such as schedule, speaker list, speaker images etc that are required for the website as well as the event platform page. Additionally, the event organizer is in charge of managing marketing, ticket sales, the speaker, stall owners and guests.

The zoom link needs to be created by an event organizer and shared with the speakers. The same link is to be shared with Virtual Expo Events to integrate it within the platform.

An event organizer will be provided with unique credentials to login to the Event Organizer Dashboard. Here the event organizer will be required to upload details for the website as well as the event platform

The event organizer is required to login to their dashboard and access the Create Stall page. Here they are expected to type in the Stall Name, Stall Owner, Email and then choose the type of stall. Click create and a unique random login is created that maybe directly email or copied and sent to that specific owner. The all stalls option can be used by the event organizer to see all the stalls that have been created so far.

A stall owner can simply upload the new image and submit. The old image will be deleted automatically and replaced with the new image given.

You would be provided with a website where you can put up the tickets available for purchase by guests. Guests can use the same to login and view the event

It depends on the package chosen. Anywhere from a few hundred to 5000 visitors.

Our packages offer between 20 to 80 stalls per event. But we can customise and add any number as required by the organiser.

We use AWS servers which are highly reliable and are industry leaders. So, yes the servers are stable for any kind of event hosted. We use Zoom or Cisco Webex for the conference and meetings on the platform.